As olympians from around the world gather to compete, our team is also at the starting blocks of a new year, a year which will see us take our next step in the construction of Go+France. Of course we’ll continue to reinforce our current leadership team with new partners who bring an added “savoir faire” to the group. That will always be the case because the worldwide sports movement seeks to encourage diversity in unity.

The number of organizations who have joined the Christian sports movement in France already stands at 15 and we’re still growing! Added to that are individual leaders and volunteers committed to what God is doing through sports, fun and fitness in France. The opportunities for ministry are endless and we want to stay open to anyone God sends our way. The job ahead of us is « God-sized » and we hope to assemble a local and international network that will help us accomplish the task that the Lord is placed before us.

As depicted in the image above, a new day is dawning for the Go+ France team!
We are now beginning the important preparation phase for training and outreach events that will prepare us for France’s upcoming major sporting events. Beginning this spring, (if health restrictions continue to be relaxed) we will put into place our first events and activities under the banner of Go+France, partnering with the local church, local sports clubs and associations with a heart to see God move.