Interview with Matt Gwynne, head of project Transformation

Fred : Matt share with us what exactly is project Transformation ?
Matt : Transformation is the first major project under the coordination of GO+France, an organization whose objectives include the partnering of missionaries and mission teams from around the world with the local church here in France. More specifically, Transformation is the overall name for the many opportunities for outreach during the Rugby World Cup in 2023.
F : What’s the timeline for the project ?
M : To be the most effective in the long term, we need to see Transformation as a « before, during and after » effort. The competitions begin on September 8th, 2023, but we hope to begin preparations as early as this fall at the October Kick-off event with follow-up ministry happening well after the World Cup is over.
F : How can we participate in the project Matt ?
M : We’re hoping that soon, on our Go+France website we’ll be offering opportunities for churches and ministries to jump on board, letting us know what their plans and needs might be. We want to see the Spirit « Transform » their churches, their neighbors, their cities for the Kingdom ! We are more than happy to offer support, encouragement, resources and any training that they might need. We also have international rugby teams made up of believers anxious to come and be a testimony in your community.
F : Thanks Matt, we’ll be praying for the project and your leadership. As we say in rugby, the try is always better when it’s transformed!! (for those not up on their rugby click here)